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"succeeds where big-budget films cannot by focusing on meaningful character-level interactions"    

- Collider

"compelling story and performances make Prodigy an incredibly entertaining psychological thriller"    

- ScreenRant

"a highly entertaining game of wits"    

- Bloody Disgusting

"Remarkable -- steps it up in an impressive way"    

- Bleeding Cool

"One of my favorite new creative worlds this year."    

- Ain't It Cool News

"Prodigy is an expertly crafted thriller that effortlessly mixes ominous psychological terror and science fiction."    

- Horror Society

"as heart-warming as a rabid alligator and twice as scary -- as psychological dramas go it ticks all the right boxes."    

- Starburst

"an effective mind game enhanced by powerful performances."    

- Daily Dead

"Prodigy uses supernatural powers to show how monsters are created."    

- The Film Stage

"This Kid is killer -- A micro-budget standout in the indie horror genre."    

- Dread Central

"A wonderful example of how to focus on the heart of the movie -- story rather than the special effects."    

- Slice of Sci-Fi

"Psychological firefights that rival any bullet-flying action film"    

- Decay Mag

"This movie reaffirms that hope is all around us."    

- TV Series Hub

"The two actors at the film’s core are peerless and totally committed."    

- Wicked Horror

"Prodigy is a thinking person’s edge-of-the-seat thrill ride."    

- The Movie Gourmet

"Hard science fiction that stays with you long after the closing credits."    

- Reel Reviews

"The story is nimble, fast-paced, and intelligent. Prodigy deserves a life beyond the festival circuit -- an engrossing sci-fi film that adds heart to the action."    

- Fanboy Planet

"A film that moved me, and reminded me why I love science fiction -- why I love movies."    

- Klaus at Gunpoint

"Resonates From Start To Finish -- So Much More than your typical sci-fi thriller"    

- Bro Knows Movies


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